The Power of Man

Mysterious ways that God has been working,
deep down in me lies the strength that I need.
Look and you’ll find the path that will take you,
then talk to me ‘bout the things that you feel.
Why can’t we feel the power of man?
Every day we feel sorrow,
there’s no easy way out,
just hear the voice of the child
that dwells deep within you
and is trying to reach out for me.
Love me for real, that’s how I love you,
reach out for me, I’ll give you all that you need.
We’ve been away but we’re all brothers.
Now my heart is real,
(my heart is real),
it’s you now I finally can feel...
you’re the power of man,
every day we felt sorrow,
it makes us grow stronger.
Just listen to the child inside
giving love just one more chance
to heal every human.
Come here, we need you today.
Step by step, we’re the future of man.
For so long I’ve been in pain,
we’re killing each others chance for happiness.
Only with love and always together,
now more than ever...
right till the end.
Now... I can feel the power of man
growing inside of me
nobody can take it away.
We are the power of man,
yes you can make the difference,
just let your heart lead the way...
We’re the power of man.